Boundless vision
Outstanding capacity

Having mastered the art of branding and design, we put storytelling at the center of our approach, especially when it comes to content creation. And while we might be busy managing advertising campaigns from A to Z, as well as maximizing results in HR marketing, we also always manage to have a great time doing it.

Branding and marketing strategy

To us, a big part of creating is thinking ahead

Sure, we enjoy a pleasing design, but we are goal chasers by nature. That’s why we start by carving out the time to properly analyze the markets, our clients’ positioning and objectives to then trace the most impactful approaches for the desired results. Agility and creativity are always in the forefront, and involving customers and creatives makes for a collaborative and productive experience.

Performance audits
Communication plans
Brand and content strategies
Product launches
Advertising campaigns

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Conception, ideation and storytelling

We tell stories, no tales

Nothing is more efficient than an eloquent narrative to successfully convey a message. For every client, every product and every project, we rely on brainstorms, interviews and research to identify the most relevant insights, and then, we develop stories that’ll win over any audience. And just because you never know when or where a stroke of genius may occur, we like to venture into unchartered territory.

Video scenarios
Taglines, teasers
Website content
Advertising concepts


Graphic Design

When it’s all said and done, it has to look good.

We are human. We have a weak spot for the beautiful. This being said, our designers do not stop at the visually appealing, they develop visuals that are relevant and memorable, adapted to each audience and in tune with the brand’s personality. Still, animated or interactive, everything must coexist in harmony.

Brand identity
Advertising display
Brand content
Web interfaces

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Video production

At 24 frames per second, every second is worth 24 000 words

Our directors, producers, directors of photography, motion designers and video editors thrive on the constant of “the next challenge”. At a time when video accounts for 80% of Web traffic, our team is fully equipped to stage and capture the stories that matter, bringing brands to life on all screens.

Pre-production, planning
Motion design
Brand videos
Advertising videos
Footage management

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Because there are no boundaries online

If there is one place where a brand can completely come alive, it’s clearly on the Web. With the capacity of a production studio and the creativity of a communication agency, we excel at creating unique immersive experiences.

Experience-centric Web platforms
Web hosting

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Smart analysis to maximize results

While data is more accessible than ever, knowing how to use it wisely, whether on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or elsewhere, is key. By measuring digital media investments and website conversion paths in real time, we can optimize both. Our experts work with you to achieve your goals, because they care as much as you do.

User experience optimization
Lead acquisition
Media placement and retargeting
Segmentation and CRM

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