By always putting storytelling and striking design at the center of our approach, we mastered our craft and are now better able to share it with you. Whether it’s through marketing strategy, HR marketing or content creation, our efforts consistently generate impact and results.

Branding and marketing strategy

The solid foundation of impactful communications

Companies typically communicate what they are most proud of: our product, our services, our team… But few know how to tell their potential clients “what’s in it for them”.

We know that the strength of your brand lies in its consistency, in the way it seduces its target audience and, ultimately, how it appeals to them. Through our simple, fun and inclusive approach, we can guide you in establishing the strategic foundations of your brand in order for it to grow by cultivating deep and long-lasting emotional bonds with its targets.

Performance audits
Communication plans
Brand and content strategies
Product launches
Advertising campaigns

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Conception, ideation and storytelling

We tell stories, no tales

A great narrative is the key to being understood. For every client, every product and every project, we rely on brainstorms, interviews and research to identify the most relevant insights. Then, we develop stories that’ll win any audience’s heart. And just because you never know when or where the stroke of genius may occur, unchartered territories are where we mostly like to search.

Video scenarios
Taglines, teasers
Website content
Advertising concepts


Social media and influencer marketing

Communicating genuinely with your audience—both today’s and tomorrow’s

These days, your brand simply cannot live or thrive without social media. Omnipresent in everyday life, social media has revolutionized marketing and communications, forcing brands to pay even more attention to their target audience’s needs. Today, consumers—increasingly engaged and demanding—are attracted to products and services that share their values. Never has there been such a need to be authentic, transparent, recognizable, and accessible.

With this new information in mind, Beauvoir’s social media experts answer two fundamental questions regarding business objectives: “How do we genuinely and efficiently connect with today’s target audience?” and “How do we create a new sense of belonging for tomorrow’s consumers born into the social media ecosystem?” For B2B or B2C companies, our strategists, copywriters, directors, videographers and graphic designers accurately adapt (or translate) and shape your brand voice to social media by using the appropriate channels and strategies designed to reach these consumers.

Social media strategy
Social media management
Community management
Influencer marketing
Photo and video productions for social media
Ad buying management
Social listening and performance analysis

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Graphic Design

There’s more to design than just looking good

While art is based on a mix of intuition and inspiration, design is a science with its own set of rules : Will it seduce and convince its target audience? Will it stand the test of time? Does the message come across well? Does it reflects the brand’s personality? And, yes, ultimately, does it look good?

Fortunately, it’s a science Beauvoir’s designers have fully mastered.

Brand identity
Logo design
Advertising display
Content creation
Web interfaces

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Video production

At 24 frames per second, every second is worth 24 000 words

Our directors, producers, directors of photography, motion designers and video editors thrive on the constant of “the next challenge”. At a time when video accounts for 80% of Web traffic, our team is fully equipped to stage and capture the stories that matter, bringing brands to life on all screens.

Pre-production, planning
Motion design
3D animation
Video edit
Brand videos
Advertising videos
Footage management

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Because online, there are no boundaries

If there is one place where a brand can truly come alive, it’s on the Web, especially when we create immersive experiences that truly allow it to come alive. With the capacity of a Web production studio and the creativity of a communications agency, we have all the expertise necessary to design, produce and optimize the digital expression of your brand.

Experience-centric Web platforms
Ux design
Web hosting

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Smart analysis to maximize results

Now that data is more accessible than ever, knowing how to leverage it is key, whether on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or otherwise. By analysing real-time results of digital media investments and website conversion paths, we can optimize them both. Our experts work with you to achieve your goals, because they care as much as you do about the results we deliver.

User experience optimization
Lead acquisition
Media placement and retargeting
Segmentation and CRM

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