Social media and influencer marketing

Guiding you through an ever-changing landscape

Communicating genuinely with your audience—both today’s and tomorrow’s

These days, something as simple as a single TikTok video can propel your brand into the stratosphere. But is it really that easy? The social media landscape is continuously evolving, which makes it more complex than ever. What are the right messages? The appropriate humour? What types of videos are popular? Our team – with their fingers on the pulse – serves as a personal guide through this one-of-a-kind digital world.

Overall, social media, influencer marketing and content creation enable your brand to be poised for online success by adapting its messages to each online platform. Social media initiatives allow you to strengthen your ties with your current audience while also bringing new potential customers into the fold. Our service offer, detailed below, is adaptable to B2B and B2C, and adjusts to your industry and business objectives.

Strategy: reflect, analyze, position

Informed strategic reflection is an essential key to effectively operating social media . How do you convey your brand image and adapt your messages to these specific communication channels? Our experts work on social media positioning and goals all while adhering to best practices in order to bring your brand to life in this complex and vibrant ecosystem.

Social media strategy

  • Audit and analyze the competition
  • Consider the value proposition
  • Establish and identify global objectives, platforms required, frequency, tone, and content parameters.
  • Optimize platforms

Analysis and performance

  • Performance and initiative analysis dashboard for social media

Management: Build, Execute, Engage

Once the strategy is in place, our team manages your brand’s multiple social media platforms, creates and publishes relevant content, and interacts with your community.

Social media management

  • Editorial planning and writing
  • Platform publishing and monitoring

Community management

  • Passive: reply to all comments and private messages in a timely manner
  • Active: comment on other relevant accounts and posts, building new connections to increase the conversation size of your community and audience

Influencers and influencer campaign management

  • Create campaigns
  • Select appropriate influencers
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Supervise deliverables
  • Analyze performance

Social media ad buying management

Content creation: create, connect, retain

Quality, relevant content is crucial for interacting with your target audience and starting new engaging conversations with new audiences. Thanks to our integrated creative approach, our best people offer comprehensive, coherent and streamlined results.

  • Photos and short-form videos created specifically for all social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn et TikTok)
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