HR marketing

Searching for new talent? Showcase a strong employer brand.

With an ally for your HR marketing efforts

As the talent acquisition market becomes increasingly competitive, employers must step up their efforts to find the rare gem.

Thanks to our solid expertise in HR marketing, we help companies create their employer brand, or improve their current one. By fostering a sense of belonging among current employees, and attracting ideal candidates, the HR task becomes strikingly more manageable!

To optimize recruitment efforts…

You must know how to tell a business’ story and convey its competitive advantages using specifically tailored messages, delivered to the right people at the right time. Building on the success of numerous, diverse advertising campaigns, we apply our rigorous processes and proven tactics to each employer’s specific needs, thereby helping them achieve their goals.

An agile way of working

Thanks to practical experience, our strategists come up with innovative solutions to one of the greatest entrepreneurial challenges; marketing research expertise allows them to identify the key points in the relationship between a company and its employees, and any potential candidates.

Following the development of a recruitment strategy, our creatives step in to produce a relevant recruitment or HR communication campaign. Whether the campaign includes videos, traditional or digital advertising, Web platforms or any other promotional recruitment tools, we bring them to life and make them shine, and… we do all this in-house.

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