Branding and design

Propelling and managing brand images for more than 10 years.

Successful marketing communication begins with a well-defined brand.

Most companies initially turn to us to build an appealing and well-defined brand.

The associated benefits ensue: recognition and customer loyalty, communication uniformity, trust and credibility (and, bonus… attracting top talent!)

The ecosystem in which the visuals and the messages that render a brand enticing is our preferred playground.

Our creatives will go all out

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of senior experts:

Brand strategists
Graphic designers

Want to do it right? Piece of cake.

While there is no recipe, the best story is the most relevant, thought out and memorable one.

Following an in-depth understanding of the brand’s audience and the ability to showcase its distinguishing elements, our team creates distinctive images and inspiring stories to convey a brand’s uniqueness.

Depending on the nature of the brand and its objectives, various channels are selected to make the brand come to life. Whether opting for television ads, corporate videos, a social media strategy, an immersive website, printed material, unique packaging or any other form of media, Beauvoir’s in-house, 360° capabilities are sure to create a holistic marketing strategy.

Platforms that fit your needs

Each brand has its own needs

Which is why we work branding from three angles:

Strategic brand platform

    Thinking the brand

    • Unique selling proposition (USP)
    • Target identification
    • Communication axes
    • Communication pillars
    • Definition of positioning

Identity platform

    Shaping the brand

    • Design of corporate and brand identity
    • Logo
    • Sub-brand identity
    • Graphic references
    • Brand guidelines
    • Positioning statement

Creative platform

    Bringing the brand to life using concrete references and a toolbox bursting with useful examples for all future projects.

    • Core visual/creative concept
    • Key messages (headlines)
    • Photo direction
    • Video design, animated signature
    • Digital direction
    • Advertisement references
    • Manifesto
    • Taglines
    • Additional references in line with the client’s needs.

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