Spa Dentaire Laurier

Graphic design

In 2016, Spa Dentaire Laurier mandated Beauvoir to revamp its visual identity and its entire creative platform. The goal? To create a coherent brand experience from the moment the clients walk through the door to the time they leave. We jumped at the opportunity to assist their team in developing promotional tools and their outdoor signage on Laurier avenue.

The focus of the visual identity: the business values

Spa Dentaire Laurier’s new logo represents equilibrium, strength and unity; the logo’s flawless circle characterizes the business’s gathering and all-encompassing nature, both for its clientele and its employees.

An attention to colour and material

Whether it’s on the corporate sleeve, the back of the business card, the wall at the clinic’s reception or the outdoor sign, black intentionally takes precedence over the other colours. The purpose is to call attention to Spa Dentaire’s elegance upon the first interaction with the clientele.

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