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Beauvoir and the Mont-Orford Corporation have always shared common values, and a true passion for mountains. Developing and building a working relationship was easy: many people responsible for promoting Mont-Orford—on both the agency and the customer side—are skiers, snowboarders, or hikers, therefore there is a strong attachment to the mountain. And, from one season to the next, this bond is obvious in everything that Beauvoir creates to meet the needs of the Corporation: promotion, notoriety, storytelling, design, video, radio, recruitment, and more!

For the 2021 ski season, the Corporation wanted to mark a major anniversary: 80 years of hitting the slopes on Mont-Orford, Giroux and Alfred-Desrochers. From archived images, multiple anecdotes, and an artistic direction developed for the occasion, Beauvoir produced a video and a book that recount the evolution of this mountain during these eight decades.

Every winter, the new ski season brings its share of promotions and products to highlight: multi-visit cards, online tickets, unlimited season passes, Flex or weekly passes, etc. Beauvoir has worked with Mont-Orford for many years to revamp marketing strategies and design new ones to attract skiers. And the same is true for golfers in the summer!

To rekindle the sense of belonging that motivates Mont-Orford’s many employees who are divided into several teams, Beauvoir helped the Corporation develop unique identities for each “unit.” This initiative, born from a genuine strategic challenge, became much more than a mere aesthetic exercise: each “mascot” and slogan were carefully chosen based on each unit’s reality, thus creating a coherent whole. In fact, the teams are already adopting them!

The 2022-2023 season marked a new turning point for Mont-Orford with branded content added to the mountain’s marketing efforts. In the first Web series, entitled Les Visages du Mont-Orford, Beauvoir presents four skiers who are addicted to Orford. Together, these paint a complete portrait of all the reasons skiers are drawn to the mountain. The series was also accompanied by a promotional campaign—a combination of advertising and branded content.

Aside from skiers, who could be in a better position than Mont-Orford employees to praise the mountain’s merits? In this short video, launched just prior to the 2022-2023 season, Beauvoir takes us behind-the-scenes into the world of the Mont-Orford snowmakers. These proud, passionate, and happy workers disclose their rising excitement at the approach of every new season. An opportunity to get on the slopes, and to pay tribute to those who make the sport possible.

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