Cégep de Sherbrooke

Conception, ideation & storytelling, graphic design, video production / Web development / Branding strategy & marketing / Social media

Cégep Sherbrooke is an institution that has existed since 1968. It has approximately 5,000 students and offers 34 pre-university and technical programs, as well as continuing education, study abroad programs, and bridges (DEP-DEC and DEC-BAC).

Bold and rigorous, the Cégep displays values centered on the human being and contributes to enriching society with an autonomous, responsible and committed next generation.
The Cégep called on Beauvoir to redesign its graphic identity, including the logotype and brand platform, with a view to modernity, movement and attractiveness to students.

The new modernized logo is composed of an acronym that evokes the relationship and integration of the Cégep with the city of Sherbrooke. It is a very strong contemporary symbol that proudly links the institution and its student population.

Its objective is to mark out the brand territory, i.e. the campus, but also to reinforce the students’ sense of belonging to the Cégep, notably through a collection of clothing and other promotional items, inviting students to become ambassadors.

The brand platform represents the journey, evolution, growth, dynamism and transition with moving shapes, recalling the student’s academic journey.

Complemented by a new brand signature, “Imaginons la suite” (Let’s imagine what’s next), an open and inclusive promise, the platform also features dynamic visual elements and a colorful universe playing between tradition and avant-garde, in order to enrich the identity toolbox and create unique visual grids.

Beauvoir deployed the creation on all of the Cégep’s digital and physical touch points. Campaigns, signage, the website, social media publications, the brochure, the corporate folder, the nomenclature of business cards and mailings, promotional objects, stationery and signage were completely revised to create a coherent creative ecosystem.

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