Mes Bobettes

Branding strategy & marketing / Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic Design / Web development

To support their start-up business, Mesbobettes retained our services to build a strong brand identity, create an efficient e-commerce platform and participate in the development of various marketing campaigns.

2011 Boomerang Award

A 100%-online business project

Tailor-made and in-line with the men retail business reality, our promotional strategy was developed entirely online. In order to facilitate the purchase of male underwear, we have focused on promoting the best brands available in addition to gearing our efforts towards customer service: chat, help modules, user reviews and more.

A viral and crazy video at the heart of a campaign

We designed a humorous and irreverent promotional video, which was at the heart of a campaign to promote the « Mesbobettes Club » and the online sales service The video featured actor Maxime Le Flaguais, who explains in song how he managed to charm a member of the group Hommes Garçons.

Setting the tone: Naming and brand identity

With a wide target and a somewhat unusual product, creating branding from scratch for Mesbobettes was a nice challenge. The process of creating the brand began with finding a catchy name, which was quickly and unanimously adopted. Afterwards, we developed a logo, an artistic direction and a symbol to inspire notoriety. By designing a clean and robust signature, we wanted to support the sharp, confident and no-excuses tone of the brand.

Scalable UX / UI

With the objective of constantly improving the website, we have gradually revised the ergonomics in order to maximize its efficiency and conversion performance. The strategy was also to enrich the database with emails and follow-up via the newsletter to obtain the best return on investment.

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