Conception, ideation & storytelling / Web development / Graphic design

Lassonde mandated Beauvoir to imagine a web platform for its Fruité brand. The objective was to present a crazy and playful universe aimed at its pan-Canadian target audience. In addition to offering original and fun content, it had to showcase promotions with major partners such as Disney, Universal Studios and Simple Plan.

Let us create a playful world

What happens when Fruité meets Beauvoir? A great opportunity to build a whole new fun-filled world, built around hidden interactions, tailor-made music and a desire to overwhelm the user with an over-the-top and colorful universe.

Giving life to the characters
and their environment

The Beauvoir team staged a customized Fruité jungle by creating a series of illustrations with their very own personalities and traits, all parallel to the brand values: fun, flavor and freshness.

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