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Beauvoir: Web tech at its loveliest and friendliest

The capacity of a Web studio + the creativity of a communication agency

Our experts have been developing websites for a very long time—before Beauvoir, before Lubie Vision or JBLP.

Since a time when hooking up to the Internet made weird noises, things have evolved at warp speed in web agency practices, and so have our work methods. With more than 350 sites to our name, we leverage cutting-edge expertise to deliver experience-based Web platforms featuring slick, thought-out interfaces.

The basics of a successful website

Our products are all designed using the same four cornerstones.


  • Thanks to our meticulous quality assurance process, every site is fast, responsive, reliable and secure.


  • We realize the investment a new web platform can represent, so our sites are built to remain trendy and perform well for as long as possible, in spite of the constant technological advances.


  • Numerous awards and nominations from Awwwards, Boomerang and CSS Design Awards back our talent for creating sophisticated interfaces that fall within elaborate brand ecosystems.

User experience (UX)

  • To ensure users enjoy their visit and spend more time on our site, we make every effort to develop ergonomic, functional and immersive websites.
  • The UX ensures that users click on what you want them to click on. Our experts optimize the UX according to your website’s performance goals and conversion path.

Our specialties

WordPress website development
Immersive website production
Transactional site conception
Showcase site design
Shopify online store development

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