Advertising Campaigns

Captivating, compelling, targeted and well-delivered concepts

Produced by an advertising agency that is on-trend (and off the beaten track if need be)

Marketing communication is forever being reinvented by the affluence of new technologies, data and ideas. To stand out today, it requires an in-depth knowledge of the various digital platforms, and above all, an authentic voice. This is what makes us strong: a modern, honest and story-centered advertising approach that shines through our media placement expertise.

We have the perfect team to make it happen

Beauvoir is a well-balanced ensemble composed of experienced strategists, who know what works, and passionate creatives, always searching for a novel idea that will resonate with the audience.

This is our team… gathered to develop and run effective advertising campaigns.

Brand Strategists
Creative Directors
Artistic Directors
Account Directors
Graphic Designers

From ideation…

At this stage, where some could easily get lost, our team clearly knows its way around.

In these weird seas of brainstorms, our team is a very well prepared one. Likewise, for every key stage of a project, where we plan, do marketing research and obtain client approval. The creation has a solid foundation, yet it’s been through sufficient instances of wild, unsupervised creativity, where good (and sometimes even excellent) ideas emerge.

…to broadcast

Even the best idea can only truly shine if it’s broadcast through an effective and appropriate media mix.

As a Google Partner and Facebook Advertising Certified Agency, we deploy and optimize every digital tactic in real time, whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Ads. For traditional media (TV, radio, print media), we develop and deploy our strategies with one of our media partners.

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