Tourism Eastern Townships

Video production / Digital performance

To convince people from the Estrie region to rediscover the attractions of their Eastern Townships, Beauvoir designed and deployed a holistic advertising campaign through video, radio, web banners and social networks. Local clicks were inevitable!


Spark the desire to be a tourist in your own region.

Built around the message “More than 500 experiences in your backyard”, the campaign first launched on video, where unexpected parallels between the backyard and the activities available the Eastern Townships are presented with a fun twist.

A mix of images shot for the purposes of this campaign and of images taken from the client’s own media library show the range of activities while telling a story.

Campaign deployment

A digital approach geared towards Townships’ residents.

From Facebook and Instagram, a variety of publications redirected users to a dedicated web page, offering a host of close-to-home experiences to discover.

Throughout summer, Internet users who have shown an interest in the campaign were retargeted with new content adapted to their profiles.


As the Eastern Townships offer a multitude of experiences to discover no matter the weather, radio weather reports were a great match for this campaign!

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