Pur Noisetier

Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic Design / Web development

In 2013, Beauvoir was given the mandate to rework the well-established Pure Hazelwood brand image. The identity was then to be deployed over Web platforms, packaging and derivative products. A brand recognition issue also needed to be addressed and resolved.

Merge nature design and tradition

Hazelwood was originally used by the Native Americans for its medicinal purposes; hence, we sought to offer tribute by integrating the culture’s distinctive graphic languages and numerous patterns and combining them into a contemporary design, which echoes the colours of nature.

Beyond the brand image

The new identity played a vital role in the communication strategy that the company wished to launch and it also sought to increase Pure Hazelwood’s presence in retail sales locations. We relied on a more distinctive packaging and ensured a powerful and efficient online brand presence.

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