Web development / Graphic design

In full expansion, Imeka, a laboratory and specialized service partner in medical imaging, mandated Beauvoir to develop communication tools that match the company’s drive. To make the most of this initiative, the suggested strategic positioning was backed by a new identity platform, a revamped website and a professional photo shoot.

CSS Design Awards : Best Innovation, Best UI Design & Best UX Design

Blending stringency and accessibility

The site’s content was developed to enable domain experts to find answers to all their questions without compromising the visitor experience. Deciphering and identifying Imeka’s key messages was essential to clearly communicate the benefits of Imeka’s expertise to its assorted target audiences.

Synchronize the brand and its mission

When imagining Imeka’s new brand image, we wanted to underline the company’s leadership and state-of-the-art expertise. The idea behind the chosen design? To simply, yet startingly illustrate tractography.

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