On se fait signe

Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic Design

In the summer of 2015, our client Ville de Sherbrooke asked us to carry out an awareness campaign about street courtesy. By targeting motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, the central objective was to improve harmony on the road network and build on their know-how by highlighting small and simple gestures that help maintain harmony on the road.

Impactful campaign serving a citizen mobilization

To complement a video broadcasted mainly online, this strategy was built around the signature “On se fait signe”, which was brought to life through electronic panels, promotional cards, buttons and display columns. On the radio, weather and news bulletins encouraged all road users to be courteous.

The strength of an inclusive and unifying identity

By creating an identity that encourages dialogue between different road users, the population’s awareness of values based on courtesy and positive attitudes is strengthened. With the premise of reward and through clear, simple and positive communication, the insecurity associated with aggressive behavior is reduced.

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