Branding strategy & marketing / Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic Design / Web development

To simplify the client experience, Maskatel mandated Beauvoir to revamp all communication tools associated to its brand. By identifying typical clients and determining their needs, Beauvoir needed to redefine Maskatel’s digital ecosystem and put in place an engaging and effective marketing campaign platform that would stand out within Quebec’s telecommunications industry.

Create a unique illustrative style to stand out

Increase Maskatel’s brand retention among consumers by catching them off guard via playful environments and exposing the brand to a larger audience. Reinforce the connection with current clients using a more visual, vibrant and inspiring brand image.

Advertising campaigns that touch the imaginary

Renew the unlimited package deal offerings and repeat the competitive advantages of these offerings to ensure that Maskatel remains etched in consumers’ minds as the telecommunication market’s “unlimited leader.”

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