Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic design / Video production / Web development

For more than two decades, steel structure manufacturer, Canatal, has stood for reliability and agility. When the Canatal executives contacted us regarding a new creative website, these are the exact qualities they wanted us to emphasize. Starting from the website, we revamped the brand image, set the foundation for solid strategic positioning and supported it all with new content that reflected the realities of this hard to crack industry.

A complete collaboration

When it comes to Web mandates, it is rare that we are involved from the very beginning… from the content creation stage. For Canatal, we were more than just an agency, we were true partners. This closeness and trust gave us on-site access, both in the factories and on the work sites; we were able to capture the overall picture, helping us highlight the quality and ingenuity of this company’s operations. Using images of passionate Canatal employees, we also developed a video and an employer branding campaign to help its recruiting efforts.

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