Branding strategy & marketing / Graphic Design / Web development / Video production

Wanting to acquire more market shares, Manitou software solutions (SaaS) needed a communication platform that fit this desire. They called on us to rethink their positioning, and develop their sales pitch, product identity, website, videos and online campaigns.

Above all, think strategically

A mandate this elaborate requires, first off, an analysis of Manitou’s industry and competitors. Once this step completed, we were able to identify the client’s target audiences, define each of them using a persona and come up with a sales pitch for every profile.

When the offering itself is a challenge

Seven modules grouped according to two distinct needs and a variety of customizable options… at first glance, Manitou seems difficult to grasp. For this reason, we helped the client restructure its offering and featured packages. From this, the names and graphic signatures of Manitou Core, Manitou Talent and their “Plus” version were born; each summarizing and simplifying the product’s versatility. We then developed a video to introduce the software, making it more attractive and simpler to understand.

Create a new visual space

With a recently revamped logo and new colours, Manitou did not yet have a complete graphic platform. Starting from the brand’s fundamentals, we created a visual space that included a visual identity for its offering and a language and animation style of its very own.

Stand out and persuade

From this new visual graphic universe and some solid selling features for each persona, we designed a new website. The goal? To make the brand stand out and acquire new leads. At this point, the key was to accompany the client, revealing Manitou as very different from the competition. Instead of pushing visitors to buy online, it suggested they “Contact an expert” and “Plan a demonstration.”

To succeed in the Canadian market

To ensure that its communication efforts deliver the desired results, we also organized a digital campaign using specific advertising messages. The content, made into short videos, instant experiences on Facebook and landing pages, was adapted to match each persona’s motivation and associated to automated email campaigns and Adwords. This should help Manitou acquire a variety of leads and take its place in a very competitive market.

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