Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic Design / Web development

Dermapure asked us to revamp their online brand so it would modernize every aspect of their communications. Remaining a reference in the medical-aesthetic field while generating a healthy and natural image was the main objective. They also wanted to express the sense of well-being that comes along with the treatments they provide.

Skin care and medical expertise: A well-balanced approach

Beauvoir provided Dermapure with a web-based platform that would guide customers through various daily care treatments, presented by unique and rich content. Informative treatment sheets and simple visuals allowed a clear understanding of all non-surgical care available at the clinic.

Branding inspired by
purity, simplicity and well-being

We enhanced the existing brand by weaving organic and clear elements to add softness, while preserving the high-end, technological assets.

An exclusive content offer

We provided access to a wealth of unique information and advice across all platforms and digital channels of Dermapure. Success was ensured by conveying a sense of belonging to the brand while strengthening the proximity between the experts and their patients.

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