From storm drains to our rivers

Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic Design

The city of Sherbrooke wanted to sensitize its citizens to the importance of protecting its waterways. The city mandated us to outline a campaign identity that would promote mindful actions.

Streamlining a little-known reality

Few people know that storm drains, independent from the main network, pour directly into our lakes, rivers and streams without any treatment. Therefore, we opted for a message and a visual that easily conveys this journey.

Illustrate it for impact

The name of the campaign is “Des puisards à nos rivières” that translates to “From storm drains to our rivers,” which is also the inspiration for the playful illustration that we developed to make sure everyone grasped the idea at a glance. Created using colours recalling waterways and nature, the illustration’s goal is to show citizens the direct link between their actions and the resulting consequences.

Ensure an effective distribution

Appearing on Morris columns, buses, bus shelters, the Web and in mailings, the campaign and its messages needed to be adapted to meet each media’s target audience. On the information sheet sent to citizens, all the campaign details were listed, whereas the Morris columns only featured the key lines.

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