Graphic design / Web development

To strengthen Beaubois’ position as industry leader, it was essential to revamp its online tools. Armed with an impressive collection of architectural projects and knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we chose to create a digital platform that would place these projects in the forefront.

Meticulousness, Beaubois’ signature

Beaubois believes is keeping things simple when it comes to accomplishing its projects: “Careful planning along with a thorough implementation ensure that budgetary and qualitative objectives are reached.” This same thinking was applied throughout the development of the digital platform.

Make way for architectural contemplation

Beaubois’ projects now speak for themselves. A combination of elegance, distinction and savoir-faire, these achievements, numbering in the hundreds, are now the envy of the industry. It was therefore key that the digital platform, meant as a showroom for potential clients, suitably display the architectural beauty of these pieces.

Target internationally renowned architects and entrepreneurs

Thanks to its partnership with gifted international suppliers, a large portion of Beaubois’ projects are exported. We made sure that these customers had access to the online resources and support necessary to execute their projects, in addition to being inspired by the quality of Beaubois’ offerings.

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