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In the mediatic context surrounding the topic of pit bulls and the impact on all animal experts, the Association québécoise des SPA et SPCA (AQSS) (which regroups Quebec’s animal welfare associations and Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has called on Beauvoir to help them orchestrate an awareness campaign. The main objective was to get the people of Quebec to stop dwelling on breeds and types of dogs, and to address the heart of the real problem: control of dangerous dogs.

Powerful creative,
clever content

Through this campaign, all elements were thoughtfully aligned: an editorial hook (ENDTHEDEBATE) merging with impactful visuals; a Facebook feed built around standout colors; clean and aerial UI-UX; close-ups of dogs staring straight at us to provoke a reaction; bold headlines for a clearer understanding; and simplified information hierarchy.

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