Conception, ideation & storytelling / Digital performance / Web development

Seeking an experienced partner to accompany them in the deployment, management and diversification of its digital resources, Oasis turned to Beauvoir. For several years, we have designed and developed platforms that get Oasis brands noticed online.


Highlighting the content of passionate influencers

In response to a new consumer request, Oasis introduced Infusion, a thirst-quenching, low calorie infused water and fruit juice beverage line. Keeping the product’s target audience in mind, this creation took life online in the form of a simple design, perfectly in sync with the product’s marketing campaign.

“Making any kind of project happen is rarely a linear process. At every turn, Beauvoir knows how to adapt. Working with such a dynamic, versatile and curious team is a real pleasure, day after day.”

– Olivier Benoit, Marketing Director – Events and digital platforms, Lassonde

First day at school

Simplifying back to school for Canadian families

Wanting to support Canadian families with young children starting school, Oasis mandated us to launch an initiative to help them get through this key milestone. Responsible for the program’s mechanism and visual identity as well as the development of its web platform, we focused on boosting parent confidence and simplifying the registration process. Internally, we also created a digital campaign to reach as many parents as possible.

Every year, this initiative motivates ever more kids!

Fruitful collaboration and effort

Creating online commitment requires more than a good website. This is why we work hand-in-hand with Oasis and its numerous partners (Adviso, Evenko and the Montréal Impact, to name a few) to offer a complete and optimal digital experience. Behind every destination page, contest, newsletter and social media campaign lies a thought-out strategy aimed at reaching specific objectives. And by measuring each click, we enable Oasis to make the most of every dollar invested.

By scouring the Web, we can squeeze the most from it… resulting in delightful outcomes: a more prominent brand online, additional recurrent clients and a growing, yet untapped, database! And we are far from done extracting its full potential!

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