Estérel Resort

Graphic Design / Web development / Digital performance

A beautiful tourist destination in the Laurentians, Estérel Resort trusted Beauvoir to revamp its e-commerce website. The suggested layout improved the conversion paths, simplified the ergonomics and highlighted the current site’s stimulating content.

Stirred by the splendour
of the location

Draw attention to this setting, which fosters relaxation and discovery, by harmonizing the resort’s enchanting look with an airy and sleek design. This type of environment prompted us to ease the users’ online experience by guiding them within the various paths according to their preferences and then recommending offers and packages that best suit them.

Offer a comprehensive experience

Develop a wide range of templates to underline the extensive content available to the user. By allowing visitors to discover the site’s three restaurants and relaxation zones, learn about the activities offered, read other visitors’ reviews or view current promotions, our goal was to offer an experience that is tailored precisely to their needs.

Entice via the imagination

Equip Estérel with the right tools to attract a more distinguished, high-end seeking clientele by proposing a platform that offers a glimpse of what can be experienced on location.

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