Conception, ideation & storytelling / Graphic design

In the fall of 2012, two visionary and bold entrepreneurs (the best kind) landed at Beauvoir with the firm intention of revolutionizing the car wash industry. By putting our know-how and creativity to work, we were able to create a brand name and identity that would make their project a success.

Behance mention

From DNA to Branding

Working closely with shareholders, we defined the company’s core values and found a name that would reflect both the intelligence and innovation of their project. « Brio » proved to be the most evocative name in terms of multiple meaning, but also of aesthetic; it supported the brand’s speech marvelously.

Passion :
The spark of genius

The symbol behind the logo represents the spark at the origin of this innovative project, lead by two passionate engineers who wanted to contribute in their way to create a better world. It is also a promise of innovation, a commitment to always move forward.

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