WordPress Development

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At Beauvoir, WordPress is our best friend.

You’re right. Today, all agencies claim to know WordPress. At Beauvoir, the WordPress CMS has been our primary development tool for the past six years. Besides creating numerous reusable WordPress plug-ins and templates, we have developed more than 200 projects using this CMS.

WordPress, a wise choicefor your business

What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). In other words, it is the heart of your website to which we attach extensions such as arms, legs, a face, etc. Once completed, a website developed using WordPress is easily and very effectively managed by the client.

Easy to use?

When we deliver your website, our web agency will give you a three-hour training session to teach you how to manage your site. Obviously, we are always available to assist you and to make changes, but our added-value is more in the personalized organic referencing and procedures optimization. Interesting fact: no software is required to maintain your website.

Why open source?

  • Following completion, you are not tied to your agency or to a developer, the code is easily transferable;
  • A large community is constantly developing the platform to perfect it; issues are quickly noticed and updates are made available to users;
  • No irritants such as licensing fees;
  • Thousands of available plug-ins greatly reduce development costs associated to a functionality;
  • No need to reinvent your website every three years; you can make significant changes without starting from scratch.

Together we are stronger

The WordPress CMS is supported worldwide by a large community of developers, which makes this platform evolve quickly. Via WordPress, Beauvoir helps its clients benefit from the latest evolutions in web development. You have a specific need? Chances are, someone else needed it before you; an extension likely already exists, enabling us to quickly develop functionality to satisfy your request.