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The development of a website is the result of a series of important steps completed during the strategic planning phase. Your website is the product that will enable you to acquire multiple business opportunities. At Beauvoir, our mission is to make this important expense, more than profitable.

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Trusting your project with Beauvoir means benefitting from solid expertise, a strategic approach and meticulous work methods. Founded in 2008, Beauvoir has more than 2000 projects under its belt. Visit our portfolio section for proof that we know how to make you better.


4 key steps where Beauvoir can make a difference

  • Enjoyable and profitable experience throughout the development of your website;
  • Strategic planning to make sure the site is ergonomic;
  • Clever design mock-ups;
  • Development of a unique website or application.

Client relationship

A website project merits to be taken seriously. Meticulous, talented, organized, these attributes are essential to the guarantee the success of a project that can extend 8, 12 and, even, 24 weeks. With time, we have perfected our methods and tools to make sure this experience is enjoyable and profitable for you. [...]While working alongside our project manager, senior strategist and senior account director, you will follow, discuss and approve steps throughout the project. This close partnership provides you with imperative project-related information, thereby helping you make the best decisions. Besides the various work-related meetings, you will be able to team up using Basecamp, our centralized tool, considered by many as the best collaboration tool on the market.

Strategic planning and information architecture

Planning is the key step in the development of a website. It is at this step that many key decisions, crucial to the project’s success, are made. We will cover all points: your needs, your business model and the industry’s, and will come up with pertinent recommendations. Then, we develop the site map and functional mock-ups of the site’s main pages.

Graphic design

The graphic design phase is where things begin to take shape. It is time to present the mock-ups; time for you to be “wowed” and to witness the extend of our talent. Yes, we are that confident. Our talent is what sets us apart, makes us unique; it is the cornerstone of our reputation. [...]Multiple awards and industry recognitions encourage us to continue to trust our creative instinct. Our senior graphic designers go all out to provide you with a website that is professional-looking, unique and well-organized. Our goal is that your website becomes your industry’s benchmark.

Web or application programming

Programming your website is the last step of the project; this is where it is all materialized. Our senior programmers have coded millions of lines of PHP. We favour open source and CMS such as WordPress, Woo commerce, Magento and Drupal. [...]JavaScript enables us to add animation to your site, providing users with a fun and unique experience. To achieve a responsive website that will adapt to different devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) and resolutions, we work with Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks.

We propel

Your performance

We firmly believe in providing a return on your investment; the pre-production step, where we validate business strategy, is decisive. Our team’s mission: to offer you the utmost, while staying on budget.

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