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Beauvoir takes website and mobile app development very seriously. Before reaching the creative part, we need to thoroughly understand your business needs and objectives; to achieve this we take a systematic and analytic approach. We believe that it is this comprehensive electronic business analysis that will take your project to the the next level.

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To obtain results online, information architecture and UX design are inevitable for all projects. Whether a website, an intranet or a mobile app, this step maximizes performance. An efficient and intuitive information hierarchy provides visitors with an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

The Beauvoir Team can help you:

  • Increase your site’s conversion rate;
  • Analyze your visitors’ behaviour and make changes to increase conversions;
  • Perform A/B type user testing;
  • Improve your e-commerce efficiency by optimizing key sections;
  • Offer your visitors a creative and unique user experience.

User profile or persona

To be well-served by the Web, you must get to know your potential users and visitors. Your visitors will come from all walks of life with unique needs in mind. Defining personas (detailed profiles of typical users) is the first step towards coming up with web navigation [...]that will lead to an action being performed on the site. Users will navigate through your site, take different paths and, ultimately, perform an action. By taking the time to think of the path each user should take given their situation, defining personas will ultimately increase your site’s conversion rate. And this is great for you.

Design interfaces

Intuitive and simple. Two words that represent your project’s ideal user interface. Let’s eliminate the unnecessary complexity and offer simple and pleasant navigation. Often, too many options and elements infest the home page, hindering navigation. Depending on the established business objectives, [...]our strategists will suggest a new website arborescence that will serve as a blueprint for the functional mock-ups.

Information architecture

Functional mock-ups allow us to intelligently hierarchize your project information and to understand the nuances of each functionality. These mock-ups also simplify the lives of our designers and programmers throughout the project’s developmental phases. [...]Just like an architect’s plans, our functional mock-ups provide the necessary information to evaluate development costs for the next phases (design, programming, management, content, etc.). You may also decide to only complete this first phase with our team of strategists.

User tests

To obtain conclusive results, it is important to perform user testing. These tests provide us with key information, such as the different navigation paths traveled by users on your website. These indicators allow us to understand and analyze user behaviour; then we slightly improve the information architecture to significantly improve conversion rate.

Report and performance follow-up

Launching a website or an application is only the beginning of an effective online presence. For each web project, Beauvoir is committed to providing detailed results vis-à-vis the objectives established at the start. To do so, we must define key performance indicators (KPI, for “Key Performance Indicators”). [...]Our analysis and reports lead to proper recommendations that will improve the user experience and, consequently, the conversion percentage.

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We firmly believe in providing a return on your investment; the pre-production step, where we validate business strategy, is decisive. Our team’s mission: to offer you the utmost, while staying on budget.

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