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Your corporate image is an indispensable, strategic pillar of your business’ communication plan. Stemming from your brand’s DNA, this image presents your mission and values to your target audience.

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If you are attentive to your corporate image and include it in all your communications, this image will standout in your industry and your clients will perceive it positively. Over time, your corporate image can even become the key element in your inbound marketing activities and enable you to attract many serious leads.


5 key steps where Beauvoir can make a difference

The corporate image is made up of a name, a logotype, a position and a graphic chart, which presents the rules and application of the image on various communication tools.

Beauvoir’s inventiveness and conceptual strength stand out during these five fundamental steps:
  • Define your brand’s DNA;
  • Determine your company name, your product or your service;
  • State a clear and eloquent position statement;
  • Create your logotype and the different uses for your corporate image;
  • Make your brand stand out to attract solid leads.

Advantagesof powerful branding


Efficiently and positively target your audience

For your target audience to perceive your brand as meaningful, inspiring and genuine, it is important that your corporate image be used in a way that speaks to this audience.


Be attractive to your target audience

A well-rendered corporate image is key to inbound marketing; it will lead to many business opportunities.


Gain recognition and stand out

In addition to making it stand out from the competition, powerful branding makes your brand memorable and helps it gain recognition.


Trust us to manage your corporate image and amass quality leads

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Beauvoir offers a client-centred approach; they understand your wishes and your needs. They are attentive and professional. Ultimately, they deliver superior quality work.

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