Video production

Nothing’s more effective than a good video. Our video production specialists love to artfully amalgamate sounds and images to communicate your message to your target audience. They know how to imagine and create an attention-grabbing, quality product.

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Our goal is to create a message that is as relevant as it is powerful. Video has turned out to be the communication tool of choice to improve optimization while conveying personalized content.

For each project,We are delighted by the challengeand the opportunity to better ourselves.

Every video production carried out by Beauvoir is carefully orchestrated by a professional film crew. Our ability to access available resources inevitably leads to a superior product. From scenario to circulation, Beauvoir can accompany you in the realization of all your projects, even the most unreal.

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Creative treatment

Our designers carefully analyze your corporate image and various communication tools to create a mood board that is consistent with your present identity and meets the goals of your current project.



The director and the screenwriter, as well as the Beauvoir artistic directors, will take time to come up with a creative scenario using an approach that reflects your image and the business needs and goals associated to your project.


Post production

The time has come edit the video and add an accompanying soundtrack and narrative. Mix, colour, digital and special effects, and all other adjustments are carried out at this step. By closely monitoring every step, production quality is guaranteed.


Corporate videos

Videos are an engaging way to touch base with your clients. Whether you’re looking to show off your know-how, your services or products, your corporate events or your brand’s positioning, our productions adapt to your communication projects. Our entire team will contribute to creating a video that faithfully projects your company’s essence. [...]It is important that we work with you to meet your expectations and aspirations.


Motion Design

Our designers and animators have developed an impressive animated video expertise. Commonly known as motion design, this audiovisual communication tool is extremely popular. Motion design presents products and services in a playful way and allows a complex concept to be explained using a simple and comical approach. [...]A close collaboration with our clients allows our team to grasp their industry’s intricacies. Thanks to motion design, the video capsule is truthful and interesting, and from a communication standpoint, the message is transmitted successfully.



Need an animated signature for your logo? Or animation to enrich your videos? Our animation team will transform still communication tools into vibrant elements, adding a touch of professionalism to your audiovisual communication tools.

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We firmly believe in providing a return on your investment; the pre-production step, where we validate business strategy, is decisive. Our team’s mission: to offer you the utmost, while staying on budget.

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