Beauvoir – The president’s address

Beauvoir is the joining of two companies. Two companies whose past, expertise and vision complement one another.

It is the encounter of two cultures around an exceptionally creative project. A creative project that aims to help brands and organizations grow in a world that is continuously evolving.

This incessant change is tangible through an ever-changing media landscape, technology that alters how we relate to information and how we connect with our peers.

Add to this a new generation of workers, consumers and citizens who perceives the world differently, who conveys different values and interests and introduces a new environmental and social conscience.

Today, everything seems possible; yet, upholding the status quo is unthinkable.

The leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs who are actively inventing the world of tomorrow, today, depend on creatives who are ready to challenge habits and traditional ways of doing things. They expect strategists who are passionate for business models and concepts that no longer rely on traditional medias.

Simone de Beauvoir said: « Le présent n’est pas un passé en puissance, il est le moment du choix et de l’action. » (The present is not a powerful past, it is a time to choose and act.)


To make this choice to act, Beauvoir is defining a new playground: a unique territory that pushes the boundaries established by traditional communication agencies, development studios, production companies and other creative and strategic consultants.

By doing so, Beauvoir is inventing a territory free of borders, that is sustained by cross-functional collaborations, influences and competencies.

Our brand embodies creative, determined and passionate work. It also embodies a deep love for nature and all that it offers us in terms of inspiration and energy.

We think outside.


Jean-Baptiste Le Pesant